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What We Believe

Chiropractic Quote


1)    Health is not merely the absence of symptoms.

2)    At the moment of conception, an “electric-like” force is created in the brain. This "energy powerhouse" then controls and coordinates the development and function of every organ and tissue in the body and is responsible for all healing. This force remains in play, ever present, until the moment of death (that’s why medics test for the presence of brain waves before declaring death).

3)    This "power" is sufficient for every person's health and healing needs - IF there is a no interference in the flow from the brain, via the spinal cord and nerves to all organs and tissues in the body. “The power that made the body can heal the body”.

4)    Sickness or dis-ease are the direct result of interference with the free flow of "power" between brain and body.

5)    Your overall posture is important. We will help to improve it.

6)    A twisted, distorted, abnormally positioned spinal vertebra potentially creates a choking pressure on crucial nerve tissue and will restrict the flow of healing energy.

7)    The result of this diminished nerve flow will eventually cause dis-ease.

8)    A chiropractic spinal adjustment corrects vertebral misalignment (subluxation) thus allowing uninterrupted nerve flow to resume. This permits the body to heal itself.

9)    No chiropractor, no doctor, anywhere, ever healed anyone of any illness. The body alone does the healing. Drugs, potions and salves only mask symptoms -  they never correct the cause.

10)      Everyone should be responsible for the care of their own body – this requires attention to proper diet, exercise, sufficient rest, reduction of stress and a moderate lifestyle.

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